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Current Market Price of Silver


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Current Prices Paid by Andre's Fine

Jewelers for SILVER Today,

April 25th, 2019




.925 Sterling Silver Price



 $0.31/Gram or $0.48/pennyweight

100 ounce + Price

 $0.26/Gram or $0.42/pennyweight

10 ounce + Price



Coin Silver Price

(US Coins 1964 and Older)



Silver Dollars

$9.00 x Face Value

 Dimes, Quarters, &

Half Dollars

$8.40x Face   Value


Example of Coin Silver Payments

(At $9.50x Face Value Price)



$0.10 x 9.50=


Half Dollar 

$0.50 x 9.50 =



$0.25 x 9.50=


$1.00 x 9.50 =


Types of silver U.S. coins we buy

Dimes:          Barber Dime 1892-1916

                            Mercury Dime 1916-1945

                               Roosevelt Dime 1946-1964

Quarters:          Barber Quarter 1895-1916

                                             Standing Liberty Quarter 1916-1930

                                      Washington Quarter 1932-1964

Half Dollar:           Barber Half Dollar 1892-1915

                                                 Walking Liberty Half Dollar 1916-1947

                                      Franklin Half Dollar 1948-1963

                                      Kennedy Half Dollar 1964 only

One Dollar:         Morgan Dollar 1878-1921

                               Peace Dollar 1921-1935

                              American Silver Eagle   $1

                             America the Beautiful 5 ounces

 We also buy non US silver coins but the list is too long to name them all





Andres Fine Jewelers is interested in purchasing the following types of silver:


Sterling Silver Flatware Set.999 Fine Silver Bars and Ingots.999 Fine Silver CoinsPre-1964 US Silver Coins

Please call us with any questions you have, toll free at

(877) 912-6373





      Whether you would like to sell silver or sell silver jewelry, Andre's Fine Jewelers, Michigan premiere silver buyers, will take the time to explain all aspects of your scrap silver.  Andre's Fine Jewelers will prove to you that we are the best place to sell sterling silver scrap.

      We understand that customers wanting to know where to sell silver can find information from other silver buyers to be confusing.  Andre's Fine Jewelers lists our silver prices in both grams and pennyweights.  This allows our customers to compare with other silver buyers that are misrepresenting their scrap silver prices by quoting in pennyweights only.





 If you are looking to sell silver, sell silver bullion, or sell sterling silver scrap, Andre's Fine Jewelers is the perfect company to maximize your CASH PAYOUT!!!